Driven by the passion for the art and creativity, Tommy & Crew is a team of professionals that is dedicated in capturing the special moments in life.

Lead by Tom Truong, an accredited photographer with the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographer) and member of the Australian Cinematographer Society. Tom Truong has more than 15 years of experiences as a freelance and wedding photographer.

Tommy & Crew is specialize in capturing events, documenting the day that tells a story to be treasured for a lifetime, be it stills or motion photography. The crew has a strong background in the art of photography and film making that is focused on delivering memorable moments.

Tom and his Crew are skilled, focused and passionate about their work, with most having received formal training in respected Film and Television, and Photography schools. Inspired by creativity and envision the art of storytelling through visual elements, Tommy & Crew emphasis the personal attention and professionalism to ensure the special moments are told visually and as a memorable art form.

Creative Director & Lead Photographer at Tommy & Crew

Tom started his love for photography since he was 8 years old, having purchased his first camera out of his own pocket money and has never stopped in capturing images since. Mostly self-taught and through experimenting but he also studied and major in the Art and Photography during this schooling years, and later on various private training and collages.

Tom started shooting in the days of film in both 35mm and medium format, but also developed excellent skills in the realms of digital, when such medium was still at its’ infancy and was one of the first few photographers in Australia to go fully digital. With more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, Tom believes you never can stop learning and to this day continues to educated others and be educated to enhance and improve for his love of the art, he has a Diploma in Screen & Media, from the respected NSI Film and Television School and is currently upgrading his skills with a Diploma in Photo Imaging with the Sydney Institute of Photography (focusing in Fine Art Photography).

Tom focuses his attention in the area of the wedding industry as a creative director, photographer and cinematographer but also spends his time on other commercial work, as a Unit Stills photographer in the motion picture industry. In his spare time (if any) put his devotion into his Fine Art photography and travels the world photographing and meeting people from other walks of life.